Engineering Invoice Finance

Engineering firms are responsible for the products and infrastructure that keep society moving. When a cash crunch threatens to limit that movement, firms can rely on invoice finance services to keep cash flowing.

High operating costs and falling returns can affect even the most successful engineering firm’s profit margins and make taking on new contracts difficult. Fortunately, invoice finance for engineering can help you cover the margins without adding new debt to companies’ balance sheets.

Invoice Finance is the Answer to Funding a Growing Company.

Even if you are just starting up, working to pay down an existing loan, or recovering from a difficult period, you can use invoice finance to put your engineering company on the path to success.

Firms of all sizes can benefit from partnering with an invoice finance company. We can help get your account set up and ready to fund in as little as 3 working days after receiving the required information.

Local Authority Contracts

Landing a local authority contract is an excellent opportunity for any business. Even when problems arise in the economy, local authority contracts always pay their suppliers. However, taking on a local authority project could quickly drain your working capital while you wait 30, 45, 60+ days for them to pay. Invoice finance for local authority contracts closes the cash flow gap contractors face between project completion and payment. By using invoice finance, business owners get paid upfront to ensure they have the funds necessary to cover all operational costs and payroll.

Bid on Contracts with Confidence.

Sometimes businesses with the ability to extend credit terms often win the best contracts. By using invoice finance, you’ll always have a steady source of working capital to accept new local authority contracts, cover payroll and operational costs, and take on additional projects while extending more generous payment terms. Don’t bypass opportunities. Invoice financing for local authority contract sand suppliers is the working capital solution you’ve been waiting for.

The funding given from the invoice finance company is what you’ll be able to use to complete the project, continue running day-to-day operations and cover payroll.

Ignite Business Group works to understand your company’s specific objectives and matches your business with an invoice finance lender that’s best tailored to your funding needs.

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