Transport & Logistics Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance companies provide same-day cash for your transport invoices to help you obtain the necessary cash for fuel, insurance, repairs, equipment and all your on-the-road expenses.

Tired of waiting for your transport invoices to be paid? Need money for fuel and wages? Consider invoice finance.

Owner-operators shouldn’t have to bypass high paying loads because they’re short on cash. With invoice finance, transport businesses can haul every load with confidence. If you run a large fleet of trucks or operate a single truck, we’ve got your cash flow needs covered.

Ignite Business Group works to understand your company’s specific objectives and matches your business with an invoice finance lender that’s best tailored to your funding needs.

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transport & logistics invoice finance

Logistics and transport Invoice Finance

Invoice financing allows your business short-term borrowing in which you borrow money against the amount due on invoices you’ve issued to your customers, thus allowing you to claim money for unpaid purchases and client debts.

Rather than waiting for customers to pay up and putting your business on pause, invoice financing allows your business to keep running smoothly when you otherwise could find yourself short of money.

Freight invoice finance definition

With constantly increasing fuel prices, on-the-road-repairs and insurances making sure your business is able to continue paying these expenses could heavily rely on customers and invoices being paid on time. Without this, it can put the brakes on your company. At Ignite we understand the importance of having a liquid cash flow to help get you moving again.

For many businesses freight vehicles are an integral part of a company. Freight vehicles are those carrying goods or cargo between businesses and clients. This can include all means of transports such as ferries, planes, vans and lorries. Additionally, the amount charged to transport said goods, is also used to describe freight. Transporting goods is essential for many businesses and allows for a larger client outreach. However, unexpected, or expected expenses can hold a business back. At Ignite we offer freight invoice finance and transport invoice finance. Allowing businesses to continue their journey smoothly, by offering same day cash.

What are the benefits of transport invoice finance/ freight invoice finance?

Carry on working as normal and grow your business. Client invoices no longer need to be completed to keep your business in motion. Moreover, invoice financing for transport and freight vehicles allows full credit control and creates improved cash flow for your business.

Negotiate better terms with suppliers and allow your business the time and breathing space to grow successfully. Logistics invoice finance is a successful short-term borrowing programme that keeps you in the driver’s seat.

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