Business Insurance

Finding the right Business Insurance can be a real challenge for a business and it can present many questions. Do we have the right level of cover? What will it cost me? What happens if I haven’t thought of all the risks? Of course, you could simply take an off the shelf insurance product and hopefully it will be okay, but it’s fair to say, with business insurance, the devil is very much in the detail and businesses may only find this out the hard way when it comes to making a claim.


There are many insurable risks that a business should consider, for example, more and more businesses are choosing to protect against the threat of cyber-crime / fraud which impacts businesses across the UK every day. It is estimated that privately run businesses suffer more than £140 billion a year to fraudsters.


With so many risks to consider, the right level of cover for one business may not be right at all for another, and the need for a tailored approach to business insurance has never been greater. Therefore, it is important to take advice on insurance requirements from an insurance industry expert.

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Ignite Business Group works with Chartered Insurance Brokers to support clients with their insurance requirements, searching the market place for the best cover and tailoring this to your business in order to provide both clarity and value.


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