A guide to Logistics Invoice Finance

Cash flow problems are some of the most pertinent issues when it comes to running and business or operating a company. With the onslaught of the pandemic, this issue has been amplified throughout the past couple of years. Throughout the world, companies have been facing increasing cash flow issues as customers scramble to find their own sources of finance. 

Getting Started with Wholesale Invoice Factoring

Now that pandemic-related government funding is drying up, wholesale SMEs might struggle without the extra cash. Luckily, wholesale invoice factoring is a solution for short-term cash flow issues.

Ignite specialises in wholesale invoice factoring, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain what it is and how it can help your business.

Top 5 Benefits of Invoice Financing Companies

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on business, and government stimulus packages and assistance are getting rolled back, many organizations will be considering other avenues for stabilizing their cash flow.