Improve your business cash flow with Invoice Finance

Are you a business owner in Somerset looking for ways to improve your cash flow?

Invoice finance can provide immediate gains, by increasing working capital and enabling businesses to stay afloat during difficult times.

Ignite Business Solutions can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of invoice finance, and whether it would be the right solution for your business.


Immediate finance for businesses in Somerset

Somerset has a predominantly small business economy with self-employment rates higher than the national average according to the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Many businesses in Somerset are facing cash flow problems as a result of the pandemic. Early results from the 2021 Somerset Business Recovery Survey 2021 indicate that 55.4% of businesses strongly agree that cash flow has been a challenge. Invoice finance can provide Somerset businesses with improved cash flow by providing working capital when it is needed.


What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance is simply selling your invoices, minus a small fee, to an invoice financing company.

You can receive up to 95% of the invoice, providing immediate cash flow, increasing working capital and freeing you up to focus on your business goals as you no longer have to chase customer payments.

There are 2 main types of Invoice Finance:

Invoice Discounting

Advance against money owed to you in the future.

Invoice Factoring

Sell your invoices, minus a small fee to an invoice factoring company.

Is Invoice Financing the right solution for your Somerset business?

With the COVID-19 pandemic crippling business cash flow, it is becoming crucial that businesses can access capital when they need it.

Invoice Finance gives Somerset business owners the opportunity to access cash from invoices, but just as importantly it also enables business owners to focus on their business goals.

Read our Small Business Invoice Finance Guide for common questions related to Invoice Finance. Alternatively, contact us for a no obligations chat.


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