Invoice Finance

Maintaining a regular cash flow is a constant struggle for many small and medium businesses in the United Kingdom. The lack of cash flow restricts them from growing their business. One of the primary reasons behind cash flow problems for businesses is delayed or unpaid invoices. Invoice financing can solve your cash flow issues and help you grow your business quickly. 

Here’s how invoice financing can help you grow your business. 

Invoice Finance

Increases revenue 

Invoice financing can help you release the capital stuck as an invoice with your suppliers and vendors. And unlike the loans that you take from banks and financial institutions, you have no restrictions on how to use that money.

You can use it for scaling, marketing, or any other business requirement. Invoice financing also enables you to offer better discounts to your suppliers to get a more profitable deal.  

Reduces the need for long-term debts

Businesses rely on a regular cash inflow for working capital to manage day-to-day activities. However, when invoices are not paid on time, this cash flow decreases, forcing you to take long-term loans to keep your business running. 

These loans put your business under financial stress. Invoice financing enables you to use the capital you are entitled to instead of creating debts for your business. 

Helps you scale quickly

Many businesses hesitate to scale through landing bigger clients and contracts, as these often have large initial costs. Racking up additional charges might feel like the worst decision you can make for your business without a smooth cash flow. 

Invoice financing enables you to implement scaling and growth strategies without worrying about these additional costs, as you can get your invoices discounted in advance if you require extra money. 

Lets you focus on important stuff

Chasing after your unpaid invoices takes a lot of your time and energy, yet you earn nothing extra on them, only the stipulated service or product costs. So the added time and effort you put in are unproductive. 

By outsourcing your invoice collection through end-to-end factoring, you can focus all your time and efforts on productive activities that help you grow your business. 

Prevents you from missing out on opportunities

Sometimes you have to miss out on significant business opportunities due to insufficient capital. By the time you get additional money from various sources— like banks and financial institutions—the opportunity is long gone. 

With invoice financing, you can access funding quickly by discounting your invoices whenever you need them, reducing the risk of missing out on such business opportunities. 

Reduces the risk of bad debts

What’s worse than a late payment? No payment. When the customer refuses to pay or cannot pay, you ‌write it off as bad debt, which is a loss for your business. You have a greater chance of recovering such bad debt payments with invoice financing. 

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If you are looking for a reputable and reliable business to get invoice financing in the UK, Ignite Business Group Ltd should be your first choice. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we can take care of all your invoice troubles. You can quickly get your invoices discounted or factored in by providing essential information and invoice copies here. Reach out to us at 01332 896 020 or fill out our online contact form to know more.

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